WE ARE GLAD YOU ARE HERE!  We are a unique business in the area.  We sell Money.

Did I get your attention at we Sell Money

That is one of our key functions, we will buy or loan you money on your item of value.  Now we don’t just buy or loan on every item.  The deal is,… we have to be able to resell the item.  Some items have little or no resale value, and some items have good resale value.  What you paid new for the item has nothing to do with what we can give you.  When we look at jewlery for instance, we are looking at the base value of the Metal, if the item has stones in it we may add money or subtract money for the stone that is in your ring.  Diamonds? Well unless it is a very clean diamond over 1/2 ct weight we just give the gold value.  Guns generally do well depening on condition. Some brand and model specific firearms just have little resale.  That Cobra or High Point gun just has very little value used. A new bow or golf club set that sold for a grand at christmas, may not be worth more than a hundred bucks in the fall. That latest greatest electronic doo-dad, we may not want at any price.  Having said all that, we first and formost want to sell you Money.

What else do we do? Well, we sell New and Used Mucial Instuments, and Rent Band Equipment.  We sell any item that defaults from a loan or we buy direct.  And that pretty much is it in a nut shell.  But read on there is lots of info here.


Buys and Loans

We buy solid gold jewelry in any condition.We buy larger pieces of silver jewelry. Silver jewelry has some value, however silver as a metal is much less expensive and only larger items have enough silver to be of significant value and the processing fees are triple those of Gold so the price we give percentage wise is much lower than gold. As of this writing, a troy ounce of .9999 gold is trading at $1313.00 compared to a troy ounce if silver which is trading at $16.24  (9 Feb 2018).

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Why a Pawn LOAN?

Everyday, thousands of people from all walks of life are in need of short-term, small-dollar loans. These loans are not available from banks, credit unions and other traditional lenders. With the success of reality-based television shows such as “Pawn Stars”, people are discovering that modern day pawn stores are clean, well-lit businesses which serve consumers from every social strata. However, many people are still unclear on what pawn stores do and how pawn loans actually work. “With the economy still lagging, consumers are looking to pawn stores to borrow only what they need,” explains Kevin Prochaska, president of the National Pawnbrokers Association. “Yet there are some key things to keep in mind when taking out a pawn loan.”

For consumers seeking safety net loans from a trusted, licensed pawnbroker, NPA answers the following question about pawn stores:

1. What does a pawn store do? The core of a pawn store’s business is making collateral loans. Pawn stores offer loans, secured by something of value. The pawn store may have other business elements such as retail sales. However, pawnbrokers focus on lending money.

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