What items do you buy or give loans on.


What do you buy, what will you give loans on? I answer this question on the telephone at least twenty times a day. There's nothing wrong with that and in fact its good to know exactly what to bring so that you dont waste the fuel to the store..

& Tools

Pretty much every pawn shop in the known universe buy jewelry and tools. We dont buy every kind of jewelry or every type of tool.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do We Buy or Give Loans On?

We buy solid gold jewelry in any condition.We buy larger pieces of silver jewelry.Silver jewelry has some value however silver as a metal is much less expensive and only larger items have enough silver to be of significant value.As of this writing a troy ounce of .9999 gold is trading at $1237 compared to a troy ounce if silver which is trading at $16.00.


What Kind Of Tools Do We Buy or Give Loans On?

Western Kentucky Pawn is actively looking for professional brand name tools that are easy for them to store or display on a shelf.

That means brands like Ridgid, DeWalt, Snap On, Bosch, Milwaukee, etc. bring top dollar. Household use brands such Ryobi, Craftsman, or Skill and Black and Decker are not in demand and bring much less.. Obviously any off-brand tools such as Chicago Electric, Central Pneumatic, Pittsburg, Job Smart, Great Neck are not appealing therefore you may not have much luck when trying to sell them or getting a loan on the tool.

As far as what typeof tool the easier they are to store and display, the more appealing they will be. Circular saws, jig saws, power drills all make for good examples of a tool that is easy to store and display.

20 foot long ladders for example are much harder to not just store in the building but to display for sale and therefore are something that we will not give as much for.


We are happy to give you a loan against or buy your used goods at fair prices.
The easy access to money when you need it is irreplaceable.





Gift Cards 

Yes we buy gift cards.Its not uncommon for someone to have to return an item to a store without a receipt.
Normally these stores wont give you cash or credit back without the receipt, but they will often give you a gift card instead.

We are new to buying gift cards, so you will have to bear with us it may take some time.

Laptops, desktops and tablets

Depending on how old the laptop, tablet, or desk top is and its condition we may take them in. But they have to be current.

If the laptop, tablet or desktop is too old they we will turn it down. Technology moves quickly but none moves more quickly than computer technology.As soon as you walk out of
the store with your new computer it is already outdated.

Because of that fast turn over in technology we will have to pass on the item if it is more than a couple years old. If your computer is not running windows 8.1 or 10 it is probably too old.Laptops, tablets
or Desktops that have viruses or spyware are of no value. Ensure your laptop or tablet has at least 1/4 battery charge before bringing it in.


This is another piece of merchandise that we occasionally loan against or buy.

Typically speaking if something is a fine watch like Rolex for instance, there are often knock-offs out there that are very similar to the real watches.

Because of this we are wary about taking this kind of item. We take significant time to properly research these items to ensure their legitimacy.

That having been said, the less expensive the watch the less likely it is that we will give a loan or purchase the item.

Lets face it, watches don't sell well. Typically speaking we can sell 50 or 100 rings in the same amount of time it would take them to sell a single watch.

So because it takes them so long to turn the inventory, most watches aren't extremely unless its something really special and it is clearly the genuine item.

Western Kentucky Pawn will typically buy your used flat screen TVs as long as they are in good condition and work well.






We will buy newer TVs easy peasy.

However, once a TV is 4 or 5 years old, the likelihood that we can buy it or loan against it goes down significantly.

So check the age of your TV by looking at the sticker on the back of it. Then call the shop you plan on taking it to and make sure your TV qualifies with their criteria before you go through all of the hassle of moving it to begin with.Ensure you bring your remote, some televisions will not work with out them and universal remotes may not work.

Xbox one, PS4 and Video Games

First off it has to work, both the Xbox and the Playstation systems have pretty poor reliability records and because of that, they arent a sure investment for a pawn shop to buy. As a general rulewe accept Playstation PS4 and Xbox one only.The units must be clean, and function properly.If you bring us a game system, make sure its complete and has all of the cords and controllers. Even one missing cord can mean that your system will be turned down.

As far as the individual games themselves they are a bit like DVDs. They take up room, they must be cleaned and polished to sell them.We buy most PS4 and XBOX One games,We do not purchase sport games,


Yes we will buy or loan against your used firearm.


While many pawnshops do not take firearms we do.

We do purchase firearms but there are a few precautions. Then there is always the concern about what someone walking into a pawn shop with a gun really wants to do with it. Do they want to pawn it, sell it, or rob the place?Please: A. Unload the firearm outside of the
building, B. Leave the firearm in its box, case or sheath. C. Let us know before you bring the firearm into the store. D. Don't point the muzzle in our general direction.

Buying and selling modern guns requires special federal licensing and Western Kentucky Pawn follows all applicable laws. When you get a loan or sell a firearm there is a paper trail that goes with the firearm. The serial number make and model or the firearm along with your information is provided to Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement specifically the FBI and ATF. This ensures as far as
possible that firearms are not stolen, and if they are stolen a means of confiscation and return to the proper owner.

When you pickup a pawned firearm you must complete an ATF form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record.A background check is made before you may leave with the firearm. Most transactions go through quickly and come back as proceed. However occasionally
background checks comeback delayed, a delay means you must wait until the transfer comes back proceed or open.Generally this tae less than four business days.Unfortunately some transactions come back denied. Denied transactions prevent transfer of the
firearm back to the pawning individual.

So please let us know ahead of time that you are brining in a firearm before you walk in with it, no exceptions. If you dont and you walk into the wrong pawn shop with a gun you may find yourself starring down the barrel of one of our guns instead.

Musical Instruments

We buy and give loans on quality instruments

We are always looking for quality musical instruments. We are seeking high quality good guitars and Banjos. These instruments must be in good condition, clean, and playable. We are particularly interested in Martin,Gibson, Fender, Alvarez, Guild, ESP, Ibanez guitars.

Band equipment such as Saxophone Trombone, Trumpets, do not do particularly well Drums take up considerable room and we may not have room for them


What Items do we not take?

Cell Phones

Regular DVDs

Computer Games

Car Audio

Costume Jewelry