Dean Guitars are coming, Dean Guitars are coming, Dean Guitars are here!

In 1977 I was 16 a sophomore in High School. I was playing my new Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway 60 Reissue.  I purchased the guitar at Chuck’s music center in Murray Ky…  on now get this a hand receipt.  The Guitar cost $699.00 and Chuck let me put $200 down on it and make a $20 a bi-weekly payment until I paid it off.  In the 70’s that is the way we did business. You shook on it put your name down on a slip and left with a guitar.  Your word was your bond even for a 16 yr old long-haired kid.

Also in 1977 another long-haired kid named Dean Zelinski (and I do mean kid he is only 3 years older than I am)  started Dean guitars. While still in high school in Highland Park Il, Dean began performing repairs and custom work for  Chicago area music stores and guitar players. Dean soon became the go to guy for serious repair work, doing work that most guitar stores could simply not handle. This lead to Dean being allowed to participate in a high school work-study program in his own company.  Dean built a small manufacturing shop in the Chicago area, with Dean actively supervising all of the operations. Dean’s unique take offs of standard Gibson and Fender designs such as the Dean V,Z, Cadillac and ML got immediate attention.  The top touring bands took notice and started being played on stage.  When bands like Heart, The Doobie Brothers, The Cars, Iron Maiden, Starship, Sammy Hagar and ZZ Top (yes those fuzzy spinning guitars) play your guitars; Guitarists across the US take notice.

By 1980 Dean guitars were the hottest guitars in the USA.  Dean guitars were (and still are) extremely beautiful, well constructed using only the best components available.  When I look at my 1977 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway 60 Reissue there is no question that the tuning machines and saddle are inferior to my new Deans.

So what do we have in store for you? A new line of Dean Guitars and Basses that compete with the best in the world.  All new Dean guitars feature a Lifetime Warranty. Dean proudly feature Syemour Duncan, EMG, DiMarzio and Fishman pickups. Dean Guitars truly makes a guitar for everyone. From the beginner on a budget to accomplished musicians looking for dynamic high performance guitar.. Dean makes great guitars and we have them here at WESTERN KENTUCKY PAWN.

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