I just returned from the largest musical instrument show in the United States, the NAMM show.   There has never been a better time to be a musician. While Gibson and Epiphone were conspicuously absent there were literally hundreds of guitar brands to choose from.  Yamaha, Dean, Alvarez, Recording King, Blueridge, Rickenbacker, Fender, Cort, Farida, Beard, Martin, Bristol, Collings,  Breedlove, Bedell, Taylor, The Loar, Minarick, Ovation, Samick ….and more.  So Many Choices, So many great guitars.  I think that I have cherry picked the best bang for your buck guitars for Western Kentucky.

We are currently an Alvarez, Recording King and The Loar dealer.  We just picked up Dean Guitars, Luna instruments and Amahi ukuleles.  We have cleared the hurdles to carry Blueridge guitars and Kentucky Mandolins.  We also will be developing a band rental program for 2018.

What is hot:

Recording King continues to make the best beginner and intermediate priced guitars on the market.  Their small body 12 fret guitars are based on pre WWII Martin parlor guitars.  They have a quality sound at a price we all can afford.   These are the perfect guitar for a 10 to 14-year-old acoustic guitar student.  The size is just right for students and those people wanting a vintage looking feeling guitar at an affordable price.

Luna is a new type of instrument designed with visual appeal and a quality sound.  The necks are slightly smaller in width and depth making them very popular with women, and youth.  Luna make visually stunning guitars that play and sound fantastic.  Luna makes a line of smaller guitars that will give the Baby Taylor a run its money.

Dean electrics are rock machines ready to go head to head with ESP, LTD, Schecter and other metal designed guitars.  Dean also makes some very nice exotic wood acoustic guitars at affordable prices.

Alvarez continues to make high quality prestige import guitars ready for students and stage work. We will have both the Artist and Regent series for our customers for 2018.